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Benedict Cumberbatch sings in Neverwhere_the radio adaptation of Neil Gaiman's fantasy
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'The subterranean environs of London Below are brought to life in a new clip from the Radio 4/4 Extra adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, a magical realm beneath the capital where famous landmarks take on a life of their own.

'Benedict Cumberbatch – as the enigmatic angel, Islington – half sings, half whispers some haunting verses as he stalks the echoing confines of his underground domain.'

Link to the audio and the article can be found here.


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I finally found the episodes of S1 of Neverwhere online. Now to remember where they are. When I find them I'll post them. They are YouTube I think.

M Lyn

Thank you!! What did you think of Benedict's singing. Haunting wasn't it?

I will have to come back and listen to this--the sons are around and will mock me mercilessly if I dare play this. But thanks for bringing it to my attention. I love BC. (Mom crushes are so mockable)

How have you been?


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