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Short, right-on take on anti-choice movement`
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I don't understand one thing this woman said, Gaeln.

The title is confusing; please explain.

Are you pro-choice, anti-choice, neither?, something else?.

M Lyn

So far only 100,000 people have signed the secede Texas from the Union petition.

When 90 per cent of a society is insane, a sane person becomes the one who is insane.

Pro-choice. I am pro-choice and always have been.

She's saying that pro-lifer proponents seems to only care about the unborn and that once born, people can fend for themselves. In other words, they don't tend to be very pro-social programs that help the poor, they tend to be anti- gay rights, reproductive rights, etc. She asked pro-lifers at a rally at the Texas capitol for support for an after school program she volunteers for and not one gave anything.

For right or wrong, this tends to be how progressives like me, and her, see pro-lifers. They care about the fetus, they don't care about the child, especially if that child is poor or a minority or basically in any way different from them.

They don't seem to care about the cost of bringing a 20 week fetus to term, ha! either.

They aren't thinking, that is the problem; just acting on emotions, fear, and hate and forcing their way on everyone elsel. If they don't want to use contraception or that vaccine for cervical cancer opt out. Sign a paper so if they get cancer, government not responsible.

M Lyn

They aren't forcing anyone to get abortions, just trying to control everyone who doesn't agree with them like she's accusing pro-choice people.

I don't get how being pro-choice equates to pro-abortion. Doesn't. not one bit.

It's about a woman's right to choose with her doctor.

M Lyn

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