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Martin Freeman & Benedict Cumberbatch_messages to Comic-Con_snagged from cumberbatchfans
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Well...that was wholly uninformative. LOL!

I realize the two of them are both super busy. I'm glad they're filming Series 3, but I do worry this might be the last of Sherlock since the pair of them really have seen their career take off. :(

Yes, wholly uninformative but charmingly so, right? and yes, I also worry about Sherlock continuing. I just hope that they realize that they can take their time and we'll be here waiting whenever they're ready to give us more.

I found Martin's more heartfelt than Benedict's and Benedict's more humorous.

Saw a video of Norton's show and Benedict and Chris Pine were guests. Just a delightful show. Wish they'd allow them to keep the clips.

M Lyn

I felt the same and yet, enjoyed both very much. I'll have to go and find that vid, sounds like something I should see. Thanks for mentioning it :)

oh, my you are welcome. I'm so enjoying them. they are intelligent and funny and just overall fun.

M Lyn

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