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Third List_Eleventh Post_100_snapshots
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Hey, everyone!!
Happy Monday!!
Photographs: 3
Themes: 14_Friendship; 41_Fruit; 67_Play

14_Friendship_This isn't a particularly good photo, weird kitchen lighting, but it does capture well the really lovely friendship between Lauren and Jimmy. They bake together a lot!!




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Thank you!! Always happy to share :)

And very pretty icon.

I love the first two pics. It's wonderful how colorful cooking and food can be.

I'm glad you do!! and you're right, cooking, and all that goes along with it, is very colorful :)

Great pics.

How lovely that they bake together. :)

Thank you!!

It is lovely and kind of fattening too :D

The food shot is gorgeous!

And tasty, too :)


(Deleted comment)
Thank you!! Glad you stopped by :)

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