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Third List_Twelfth Post_100_snapshots
icon art_camera
Number of Photographs: 3
Themes: 15_Passion; 52_Superman; 83_Industrial

15_Passion_Photograph off our TV screen




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I get a kick out of the subjects of all of these pics!

I'm glad that you do. I do too!!

Like the angle on that third one.

Always looking for the drama :)

Great pics, really like "industrial".

Love the Superman and Passion photos.

Thanx. Wish I could say more but don't know what.

Miss you, girl.

M Lyn

Ooooh, you have a new icon, pretty!

Believe me that you've said just enough, that you stop by from time to time is plenty. I have been absent from LJ quite a bit this summer, like every summer, since Lauren's home. All that should change in late September when she goes back. See you :)

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