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Third List_Fifteenth Post_100_snapshots
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Number of Photographs: 3
Themes: 32_Lines; 43_Sign; 62_Brick

32_Lines_The line work on this drawing just blew my mind




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Love how the brick is situated. :)

I adored Billy Elliot!

Thank you! It took several tries to get the brick, and butterfly, just right. And I'm right there with you. Adored it :) As did Lauren and David too.

Really want to see the line work but am having difficulty making it out, darn.

Thanks for the photos and I'm sorry I'm so far behind.

M Lyn

Why blah mood?

What about the line work blew your mind? Just put the photo into iPhoto and exported it to my photos in .tif and WOW!!!! What mediums were used and strate for drawing?

Where was this drawing and who did it?

Edited at 2013-09-23 11:34 pm (UTC)

Blah because Lauren has gone back to school and life just isn't as bright somehow when she's not around.

The drawing was in a museum and, sadly, I didn't take a photo of the information plaque so, I don't know who did it or the medium, although I believe it was ink.

The detail on Brick intrigues me as much as that on Lines. There is a great deal to see on both pictures. FanSee

Lines was a find while Brick was setup and took several shots before I got something I liked so, I'm glad you find it as intriguing.

That first one is amazing I agree.

Love the brick one. :D

Isn't that drawing amazing? I admire the artist's technique...and patience!

Thanks. I had fun getting the brick photo just the way I wanted it :)

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