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Third List_Seventeen Post_100_snapshots
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Number of photographs: 3
Themes: 22_Exotic(s); 44_Vehicle; 72_Anger

22_Exotic_Earth Exotics from Mexico

44_Vehicle_my friend's sister & brother-in-law's brand new & shiny vehicle. They live 6 monthsr in Washington and 6 months in Arizona.

72_Anger_Fairly self-explanatory, I should think and, unfortunately, still relevant


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The shutdown is so freakin' annoying. Bite me, you Tea Party douchebags. >:-(

I read your comment before I read your name and yet, I knew it was you :) And, I couldn't have said it better myself.

LOL, really? I try not to be too cranky on LJ in general, but I guess I've let it slip over the years.

You're to the point, which I respect.

Very nice! I like the last photo especially.

Went to a different grocery store today and saw all kinds of exotic produce. Things I'd never heard of, like eddoes, and breadnut (I've heard of breadfruit, but breadnut?). And they had sugar cane and a million different types of mushrooms, and more varieties of onions than I knew existed. I should have taken pictures with my phone.

You should have, the variety nowadays, especially in produce, is stunning. I was just happy that some of the 'exotic' produce in my store actually had the word in their name :)

Hope the shutdown gets sorted soon, seems so idiotic to this Aussie.

That is one impressive vehicle!

It is idiotic, still we can't let a vocal right-wing minority push everyone else around. Of course, that's what they're saying about us left-wingers too :)

what is an earth exotic?

Just the name brand of different types of veggies that are grown in Mexico.

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