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Third List_Eighteenth Post_100_snapshots
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Themes: 26_Cereal; 60_Bucolic; 88_Star

26_Cereal_Seems ridiculous. At the far end is hot cereals while the cold cereals continue beyond where I am standing. Maybe just a little too much variety?

60_Bucolic_The ld guy's fishing

88_Star (Trek)!!!


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Love the fishing pic. It really captured my attention by the man being off center.

Too much variety is what I think when I'm in the store, every time.

Interesting that we lived with just a few different cereals, 5 or 7 soft drinks, had one phone in the house, and it had a cord that was maybe 3 feet long, one TV and on and on it goes.

M Lyn

It is strange, yet people were just fine with what we would now think of as limitations. I think we gone way over board with a lot of this stuff, but I wouldn't give my my cell for anything nor would I let Lauren give up hers :)

I happened to turn on a channel last ni ght when the CEO of TIVO was talking and to hear him talk about how much better TIVO was than all five major computer producers were because people have to have the ability to have movies any where in the world at any time when we are facing default just seemed rather ridiculous.

M Lyn

Maybe just a little too much variety?

LOL! Really. I get dizzy in some supermarkets from the staggering variety of choices.

So do I, but I limit my choices by looking for only the organic cereals which cuts the amount available to like 10...maybe which is more than it used to be!. Seems so excessive though when we have so many choices while others have none.

I always stick to organic cereal too, if I buy any at all. Or I just get rolled whole-grain oats or millet and make porridge. Most of the rest, you might as well empty the sugar bowl on your plate and eat that.

Seems so excessive though when we have so many choices while others have none.

Yes, that's often what I think too.

The fishing pic is wonderful.

It would take me days to choose from that many cereals. I don't think there are as many as that here in Australia.

And like I mentioned, that's not all of them. I limit myself to the organics, which helps. While there are more than there used to be, they are still in the minority :)

Why are there so many types of cereals? Your shot really captures it. It's crazy.

It is crazy. I often try to wonder, I really do, what it would be like to be from some sheltered little village in the middle of where ever and then, to be suddenly dropped down in the cereal isle of a Luckys grocery store, but I can't. I know I get overwhelmed, I can't imagine what they'd experience. Happily, I try to limit my selection to organics which limits my choice to maybe five to seven. At least at Luckys, Whole Foods is a whole other situation :)

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