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Third List_Twenty-Second Post_100_snapshots
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Oh, where has the time gone?

Number of Photographs: 3
Themes: 39_Purple; 40_Tattoo; 91_Game

39_Purple_Hair styling place in Willow Glen.

40_Tattoo_And no, I didn't stand there for like ten minutes rearranging the magazines...sheesh.

91_Game (of Thrones)_My wee collection of whatever these things are called. I have Ned Stark and Renly Baratheon.
91_Game (of Thrones)


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(Deleted comment)
I know. Aren't they the cutest :) and you're more than welcome :)

Cute little snowman too!

Those little "game" guys are adorable. lol

Love the little Game guys. :)

I like that you went with the magazines instead of taking a picture of an actual tattoo. And of course you didn't rearranged them :)

I'm glad you like my idea and thanks for keeping my secret ;D

Where did you get the wee GoT figures?

At Barnes & Noble. I have now also added Arya. They even had the Whitewalkers :)

When last I was there, they had Jaime, they had everyone, but when I checked their online, they didn't, just Ned and Arya and a couple of others. To be safe you can order them here, at ThinkGeek:
Just click the Select drop-down menu because they have them all!!

That Jon Snow is beautiful. I wonder how much you have to be into the show to pay 300 bucks for him though? I can handle my little $10 ones just fine and yes, Hound looks very cool. I think maybe I should get the big head Jon so that I can also get Ghost, which seems to be the only dire wolf available.

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