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Merry Merry Merry Christmas!!!!
icon holiday_christmas
I hope you all have a warm and safe holiday season
and the very happiest of coming new years!!!

tree by sparkof_icons

Here's to a terrific 2014!!!


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Wishing you the same!


Isn't it lovely? It's made by furriboots if you want to snag :)

I love her work. Is there a larger picture so I can see it more clearly?

Thanks. I have always enjoyed her icons.

No, sorry. I only have the icon.

She's amazingly talented!

Thank you and hugs to you :)

Thank you, Happy Holidays to you and yours too. :)

Same to you and your family. ♥

Thanks, sweetie. May we all have a wonderful holiday :D

Merry Christmas to you!


Thank you and hugs to you too :)

Sorry to be so late with my Christmas wishes, I am so behind on LJ at the moment.

Hope you had a lovely day.


last on LJ but first in RL, yours was the very first Christmas card I received. I hope mine finally has arrived.

We did have a lovely day, hope your was too :)

We had a lovely day too. :)

Your card hasn't arrived as yet but we haven't had mail deliveries since Christmas Eve, so hopefully it will be in the mail box tomorrow. :)

I see you in the green ball and the pink ball! Happy, happy everything!

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