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Christmas and Birthday Thank Yous
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Christmas Thanks
Firstly,I want to thank quiltedlives for my twinkly v-gift and film102 for my adorable e-card.
Also, I want to thank shadownyc, rebeccama, herefordroad, fansee, mitakay, spike7451, freakykat, and pam81 for all my lovely RL cards

Birthday Thanks
Secondly, I want to thank spike7451 for my lovely balloon bouquet v-gift, and to tv_fan_2008, kinwad, pclu2004, and techgirl_on_ij for my lovely PMs. Also, thank you shadownyc, penelopes_web, spike7451, michira_70 and ashmedai for their wonderful Happy Birthday posts.

You guys are ALL the very best!!!


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OH, damn. I forgot.

Happy belated Birthday to you! *hugs*

No problems, Connor. Hugs right back to you :)

(Deleted comment)
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