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Paul Simon & George Harrison...
icon science_astronomy

...as brought to us by the truly lovely people at
Very Short List
--so beautiful--

Paul Simon duet with George Harrison on a 1976 episode of Saturday Night Live
If I could put this behind an lj-cut I would but I can't figure it out,
hence the annoyed mood-icon,
but at least I did embed my first video so...yay for me!!!

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Yay for you galen, you did yourself proud. Plus, you picked a beautiful video. So nostalgic. I loved every second of it.

glad you liked it. If you go through the link to Very Short List and click on their link to YouTube, there is a second one where they sing Here Comes the Sun. So nostalgic is right.

yay for first time embedding! I really enjoyed this video. I listened to Simon & Garfunkel's Reunion in Central Park last night. Wonderful songs. :)

I got Reunion for my daughter through KQED's pledge-a-thon a couple of years ago, so good. I don't know how I missed SNL's pairing Simon up with George but how sweet was it to see him so young, I adored him, maybe not as much as John but still, I had some major crushing going on.

This is truly a memorable music moment on TV. I loved George Harrison. Thank you for posting this.

No problem, I adored George as well. I love your icon BTW.

Bravo!!!! For all of you: Paul, George and You, Gaeln!

Ha, you had sweet feelings towards George when you were a little girl! Me, too. But yeah, John was totally another story. More dangerous ... well, I don't know how to explain that properly. I've always liked the boys who played a guitar in the band, for example, Keith Richards, Joe Perry or later, James Hetfield and Slash.

You said it perfectly, I had sweet feelings toward George but I respected John -- for a kid in the relatively boring Los Angeles suburbs, he seemed not only slightly dangerous but vulnerable and an intellectual, a compelling combination.

I hope my local PBS affiliate televises the special again. It's showing from 2-3 am tonight, but I don't think I can stay up that late. I had a rough day!

Loved the duet - thanks. :) I saw Paul and Art 3(?) years ago in St. Louis. Third row! What a show.

That's why I bought the DVD, so I wouldn't have to stay up until three.

I never have seen Simon and Garfunkel live and I really wished I had but my very first convert was the Beatles, god does that date me or what? My mom and dad had to drive me and my girlfriends to the Hollywood Bowl in LA since none of us were old enough to drive.

The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl. Now, that's something!

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