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Third List_Twenty-Eighth Post_100_snapshots
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Number of Photographs: 3
Themes: 53_Chance; 63_Night; 81_Pretend

53_Chance_The chance is that my daughter, Lauren, broke her mirror which I could then cleverly use to take a weird photograph. The window that can be seen in the left of the mirror is the same window that is the shadow in Pretend below.




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(Deleted comment)
Very nice pics! The second one, in particular, reminds me of one I'd see in a photography magazine!

Thank you! especially about the second one :)

These three photos, collectively, are my favorite grouping ever of yours. Pretend is the winner.

I so appreciate your lovely comment. I admit Pretend is one of my favorite pics too :)

Great pics, that first one is wonderful. :)

wow, all three photos are intriguing, like telling a story!

What a kind comment, thank you!!

Thank you. Nighttime and cool architecture usually add up to a decent photograph.

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