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How is it that...
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...when Lauren is at UC Santa Cruz, she can be at the bus stop at 7:15am to catch the shuttle for an 8am class ON THE OTHER SIDE of campus, but when she's home and we go grocery shopping, if, when reviewing the grocery shopping list, we discover that we missed something A FEW ISLES BACK, when I ask her to go get whatever it is, she hesitates, then always says, 'Okay, but come with me' and I always do.

First, I say, 'Seriously?'

And when she smiles and nods, I happily trail after her a few isles back as she takes me to whatever it is we need.

Ever single time. And every single time I'm so glad that she still wants (not needs) me with her :)

The End


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Aww, that's really sweet and lovely. :D

I'm so glad we agree!!!

aaww, very sweet & such a cute story, love that. :)

Thank you! I love the facts of it too.

You're very lucky she still hangs out with you at the supermarket. Cute story. I don't see my daughter very often as she lives so far away but our grocery trips usually end up spending way more than I normally do.

I'm sorry your daughter is so far away. As much as I know that's a possibility some day, I can't imagine it. But, as for spending more money when Lauren shops with me...definitely, just like you! And it actually takes longer because we have to read the labels :)

Reading this made me smile.

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