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Third List_Thirty-Second Post_100_snapshots
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Number of Photographs:4
Themes: 78_Trail; 82_Joy; 84_Melancholy; 85_Band

78_Trail_Not my best photos ever but it astonishingly started to sprinkle and I was afraid I might melt so, I took it and then went to the store

82_Joy_My belated birthday present from Lauren, a leather cover for my Kindle plus a red-ribboned bookmark, bring me such joy. The hummingbird motif represents my father as he had started collecting them before he died so, now I do :)

84_Melancholy_A lonely landscape in black & white.



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Wow, that Kindle cover is gorgeous!

Happily, Lauren has very good taste and she knows mine well :)
Here's the link so you can peruse too!

I don't have any of the gadgets, but wow those notebooks! Thanks for the link. :)

They are beautiful, aren't they? The quality is there too, which I like. They say my cover will patina as it ages. I look forward to that!!

That Kindle cover is beautiful!

I'll tell Lauren you think so. She has lovely taste :)
If you want to check out where she found it, go here;


Interesting shots, as always!

That Kindle cover is fabulous!! I want one! :)

Great set of photos as always.

It is fabulous, Lauren knows my tastes well :)
If you want to check out the site where she found it, go here:
Happy browsing :)

Thanks for the link, I am definitely going to have to get one. I fancy the Van Gogh one. :)

I'm glad you found something you like, Van Gough is always a favorite. Happy using!!!

Like the moody B&W landscape!

Right? Black & white on an overcast day does make for a moody photograph :)

I imagined you waving your arms and taking little, happy hops when it started to sprinkle as you took Trail.

I love the Kindle cover; I can easily understand why you chose it to illustrate Joy: because of how handsome it is and because it was from Lauren. I never heard of anyone else collecting hummingbirds.

The other two are also apt. I found Band surprisingly lively. Who'da thunk? FanSee

You imagine right. Than, I looked down at my muddy Vans and beat it for the car :)

I hadn't either, but with my father's love of nature, it made sense. It had been a recent interest, when we had visited six months before there were only a couple, six months later they hung on nylon string in many of his windows. Lauren has good taste :)

I collect rubber bands off the newspaper and had been just throwing them in a kitchen drawer. Messy. So I now I use the tin box to keep them neat!

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