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HEAVEN...I'm in heaven!!
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David just brought me this from Whole Foods:


As described from the Endangered Species site:

Sea salt and dark chocolate are always a good idea…but the brightness of fresh squeezed lime is what makes this crème filled bar a tasting experience.  A taste so surprisingly good, you’ll go back for a second serving.

72% cocoa content | Certified vegan, gluten-free, kosher | Sourced from ethically traded cacao farms ensuring fair trade, responsible labor practices and sustainable farming. Click here to learn more about the sustainable ingredients found in this chocolate bar.

As described by me:
nom...fricken'...nom :D


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(Deleted comment)
Non-dairy and help endangered species :) The creme filled are new!

The sea salt and lime sound wonderful - if they'd only put it in milk chocolate, it would be perfect! Enjoy!

You're like David, he likes milk chocolate best too.

And thank you, I will :)

I have to believe your words here, because for the life of me I can't see me eating anything as revolting strange as this. *gg*
But if you like it - you can keep it all!!!

Is it the sea salt or the lime that is revoltingly strange?

And like it I do! The sea salt, which has become utterly necessary in dark chocolate bars around here (you too?) is minimal in this particular one because the creamy lime is enough to sort of brighten up the taste. You know what I mean :)

Sea salt and chocolate seem just totally wrong to me. And the combination … *shudders*
Again, you can keep it all to yourself. i love how it looks, though!

Wish I liked dark chocolate, but my unsophisticated taste buds only like milk chocolate. So sue me!

Hope you've had a great Mother's Day. Hugs, FanSee

Dark chocolate is an acquired taste, I suppose, but for me, so worth it especially with a touch of sea salt :)

I had a low-key, sweet and easy Mother's Day, although Lauren wasn't able to come home, which made me a little :(

Hope yours was lovely!

Twas, my dear, perfectly divine :)

(Deleted comment)
I know, seems wrong somehow, but once I tried the combination, I was converted :)

I squeeze lime on my grilled steak. i can barely eat it without it. Your choc sounds yummy.

The lime in this chocolate is very mellow as is the salt, just a kind of brightening of the flavor. I'll have to try your lime the next time I have steak, sounds lovely. I do though already include a little in my marinades :)

This week I have been on a lime and lemon kick - squeezing them into water and scraping out all the pulp so it floats on top.

I love little obsessions, yours sounds like a need to freshen things up. This week mine is for dessert, a little salt & caramel gelato with a glass of white wine. Nom nom!!

Mmm. That sounds good. Talenti?

Merely Haagen-dazs :)

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