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3 for 3 challenge_Day Two
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Wherein you post 3 things per day for three days that you are thankful for.

Day One can be found here

Day Two:
4_These slippers were a Christmas gift from Lauren and David, picked out by one, bought by the other, my so comfortable Bob's Fashion Skechers, chosen because the sole not only has support but is sturdy enough for light outside use. Plus they're gray and all fuzzy so yeah, very cool.
5_My Galaxy S4 is kind of like a life companion, traveling with me everywhere I go, keeping me from getting lost, reminding me of things I need to do, entertaining me.
6_While I did get this image off of google, it is of my actual water container which, like the above-mentioned phone, also travels with me everywhere I go, loaded up with ice and cool cool water as I am one of those people who can NOT drink it at even so much as room temperature.


Tomorrow, the last three!

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Thank you!!! Obviously, so do I :)

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