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I snagged this from Alex...
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...and like him while I'm not Irish or Scottish either, bigpipe and drum music gets to me, reminding me of something ancient, beyond time, pulling on me in a way that I don't necessairly understand, yet have always felt.
So, I repost.
And what a lovely setting!


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(Deleted comment)
I hope you'll get the chance and soon, to show your kids where your ancestors lived would be amazing.

(Deleted comment)

You should all be transported to Scotland - or to some Irish festival - and be forced to listen to that at least 72 hours!


Any music, I swear, and as much as I need music in my life, would drive me crazy after 72 hours :) I only wish though I could dance to the music at some Irish or Scottish festival, not here in America, but there. You're probably just a little too close to the source like I am with country music which I detest, while my Puerto Rican mother-in-law absolutely loves it. Takes all kinds, yeah?

I love it as well. But I do have Irish blood in me.

Then the music must speak to some ancestral place inside you. Maybe me too because I am part Welsh, which is also Gaelic and pretty much right there in the mix of things :)

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