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film102 thoughtfully gifted me the...
icon holiday_christmas
...Jacquie Lauson Christmas Market Advent Calendar, which can be found here and which is full of a ton of fun things to do, puzzles, games, and so on.
She asked that I post my decorated Christmas Tree. Failing to figure out how Alex posted his so nicely, I used Snagit to capture mine.

Pretty, I think!!


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Lovely, Gaeln. If you save it on JL it goes into your documents folder, if you have one on a pc.

Definitely your decorating style.

M Lyn

Edited at 2014-12-03 01:03 am (UTC)

Thank you! It is my style for sure. Have you posted yours?

It really is pretty! :)

I just saved mine to my hard drive, then uploaded it on LJ, using the web version of the calendar.

Thank you. So was your especially how you kept it simply and classic when it would be so easy to over do :)

And thanks also for the advice. Now I have it figured out.

Oh, I found it after a bit of looking. Sorry, I forgot to say anything. Fits your Yule style, too. I recognize everyone's personalities. Interesting.

Love the white and black and orange. I tried those but they didn't fit mine.

Just perfect for you.

M Lyn

Thanks! :)

I like that there were many natural ornaments like pine cones, cinnamon sticks or orange pommanders. I like simple, cozy trees without a lot of colorful things.

suits you perfectly. where did you find cinnamon sticks?

I think in a little box to the left-hand side. They're small, so hard to spot.

(Deleted comment)
Have you decorated your tree?? I love to see what you've done.

Pretty, indeed! FanSee

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