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How Wolves Change Rivers, their reintroduction helping to restore Yellowstone National Park
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Shows our interconnectedness, ever part necessary for the health of the whole, but who would have thought that the reintroduction of the wolves would have made healthier even the rivers. Fantastic is right! I'm very glad you enjoyed this.

This is so amazing. I love wolves, and I'm overjoyed to hear wolves are re-introducing themselves and slowly beginning to populate Germany again, where they were hunted to extinction by ignorant humans in the past.

I'm with you, wolves are majestic, their howling at the beginning of the vid gave me goose bumps. I'm very glad they are making a comeback in Germany where I hope they'll be better respected now. We're still having problems here with ranchers and such but times are changing, thank goodness.

That is just so amazing!!

Isn't it?? Once again we are shown how the health of the planet is dependent on each of us :)

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