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Snagged from artnet news on tumblr
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To quote:
NASA has released yet another stunning photograph taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, and this time it's the largest image ever captured by the 25-year-old satellite: an incomprehensible, don't-even-try-to-download-it 1.5 billion pixel–wide shot of the Andromeda Galexy.
          A composite image made up of 7,398 separate exposures, the massive photograph provides a sparkling view of a portion of Andromeda, the closest neighbor of the Milky Way, which is home to our solar system. (Close is a relative term: the spiral galaxy is still about 2.5 million light years away.)
          The photograph covers some 61,000 light years, and clearly depicts more than 100 million stars, a feat that NASA equates to "photographing a beach and resolving individual grains of sand." It is the first time astronomers have been able to observe individual stars from a far-off galaxy over a contiguous area as large as this.
       To view the whole full-sized photo at once, you would need about 600 HD televisions, which is impractical at best. Luckily, a zoomable version is available at the Hubble website.
To unquote:
Just a samll sample.

Thanks, Alex, for the Je Suis Charlie icon*****

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Oh wow - they really are like dense grains of sand on the Hubble site. This is fascinating to see.

Thanks, Alex, for the Je Suis Charlie icon*****

Most welcome! :)

I was astounded by the density, especially in the vid that followed along the length of the photo. You're right, stars like grains of sand!

This is simply amazing. I clicked and zoomed in several areas. It is hard to grasp the immensity of this.

Hello. :)

Hello, Flashfly!!! So happy to hear from you :)

The vid really did it for me, following along the length of the photo, realizing how many lightyears it traveled from right to left! Amazing! And yeah, it is hard to grasp the immensity of it and that this photo only represents a portion of it. And that what we see there applies equally to us here. So cool!!

That is just brilliant!!

Brilliant, yes and on so many levels :) Glad you appreciated this as much as me.

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