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365 Photography Project_5th_May Post
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This was almost one of those months where I had little in the way of photographs, my camera becoming more back burner than front. This must change!!

Thursday May 1, 2015_Media_Finished up my rewatch of QAF_Kingdom Keepers was the bookclub book which I liked better than I thought I would_The Deep Beyond, whiich is two unrelated books by the same author, CJ Cherryh, Cuckoo's Egg & Serpant's Reach, was recommended by fansee, both of which I really enjoyed. Above that one, which is difficult to read, is Mars and Mind of Man, (1973) a collection of reflections, by people such as Authur C. Clark, Carl Sagan and Ray Bradbuury, on the eve of the Mariner 9 probe to Mars and again once the mission was completed. A wonderful read! Lauren had wanted me to read The Chocolate Wars ages ago and now I have, this book does not end in happiness and ligh, but is well-told storyt. Very good especially for the age group. Also a Lauren rec, Freud: A Short Introduction is just that and is very well researched and written.

Saturday May 16, 2015_Campbell Arts & Wine Festival_Lauren was home for the weekend so, we went to Campbell for the pizza but stayed for the festival. Much fun was had by all :) The photo below is a Campbell lamp store that I always want to take a photo of but never do. Now I have : ) Such pretty lamps!

Sunday May 31, 2015_My friend, Barbara's son, Ricky's graduation barbeque. He majored at San Jose State Uni in Aerospace Engineering and is now interning at NASA. Barbara to the right, Ricky is bowing

People being happy for Ricky. From left to right, Ricky's brother Christoper, Susan, a coffee buddy like Barbara, Susan's son, Andrew, and Elizabeth's husband, Todd.

Even more people being happy, but mainly Ricky's great aunt who I only know as Nona and who is a spunky 93.


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We have been, summer's near! It's so good to hear from you. It's been awhile. Hope you and your family are all doing fine :)

Those lamps are beautiful!

It's sometimes hard to balance time for everything.

Aren't they!!

And yes, you are absolutely right, it can be very difficult. Are you stressing now??

That last photo makes me smile!

I love Nona! I wouldn't mind living to 93 if I were in her shape physically and mentally.

Glad you enjoyed my C.J. Cherryh recommendation. I wish she would write more 'little' books, but there is a limited market for 70,000 - 90,000 word books, mostly as e-books. For the last ten years, Cherryh has been bogged down in a multi-book epic that progresses by inches. That makes me sad. FanSee

P.S. Glad you reprioritized your picture-taking in June.

What a charmer she is, so full of life.

I setup a list of ten science fiction books/ series I want to over the next few months and I have Cherryh's Merchanter's Luck queued up to be read soon. I like series but if they're too long, I get annoyed. Is her multi-book epic worth it??

Me too!! Thank you :)

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