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To Netflix, From Queer as Folk fans Worldwide
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What amazes me is that they ALL seem willing if Netflix is. Cool!!!
Like it. Follow on Facebook or Twitter or BOTH!!
Could be fun :)


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Yes, too bad Netflex won't.

I have no doubt but hope remains :)

Here's the problem: every show thinks Netflix is going to come
to their rescue.

I just went through this with "Forever," a show I was very attached to.
They were a network show, had much bigger ratings than QAF ever had,
they were recent, the writer/creator was anxious to continue, and they had
two fairly big stars, Ioan Gruffud and Judd Hirsch, who were also on board
with continuing the show. Even Anne Rice was lobbying for the show.

Netflix passed. They always pass.


QAF has been away for over 10 years, there are no major stars, and the money
for a show as "gay" as QAF isn't there. If "Looking" had been a huge hit and
proven that audiences wanted a gay show with explicit sex, then maybe, but
HBO took a bath with it.

I hate to be a buzzkill, but you have to be realistic about the business aspect.
If Netflix picks it up, I'll be pushing to the front of the line. But if they do, expect
for them to demand a NEW CAST. Or for the old cast (accent on "old") to be
relegated to a supporting role. They want hot young actors and, unfortunately,
our guys aren't that.

If Netflix always passes I wonder why they bother even asking, thereby getting peoples hopes up, which show they should pick up? Obviously, if your Forever couldn't move them, nothing can. Still, I find it interesting that after so many years there are seemingly many die-hard fans of QAF still around including, I admit, me.

Thanks for your input. You are as knowledgeable as ever. And realistic :)

I know. QAF is worldwide, but it's still a tiny, tiny fandom
in the scheme of things.

But we are dedicated. No one can take that away from us.

Funny QaF didn't cause any kind of stir in Germany, it didn't seem to be that popular. "The best of its kind"? Nah. "The LGBT communtiy felt represented"? I have to disagree there; many, many of us have serious gripes with that show. I might watch a season six, maybe. But only if it's realistic and the Brian and Justin "mutually dysfunctional match made in hell" doesn't end up in contrived wedded bliss because that's what the female audience wants. I hope they went on to lead independent lives separately.

I think that what I find kind of lovely is that all major cast members, and some secondary from what I hear, are willing. I would watch a season six or a made for tv movie and knowing Netflix, based on the few original series that I've seen that they've produced, sentimental happily-ever-after wouldn't be part of the narrative. Wedded-bliss, yeah...no. If anything, Netflix can be too realistic.

Point is, it's never going to happen but I for one wouldn't mind if it did.

I wouldn't mind either, I'd probably watch. :)

The chance is so slight but whatthehell, right? Might as well keep an open mind.

Absolutely! Even if it won't happen, at least we've tried.

Like I've said, for me the main point is that everyone original to the cast said they would do such a project if it were to get funded. I find that lovely. And yeah, no one can say we didn't at least try :)

Yeah- I doubt it would ever happen, but it's fun to dream. I really enjoyed watching the vid...oh, the memories!

You've captured my sentiments exactly. Plus I like how those who were involved would involve themselves again, creators, cast members etc. Nice to know :)

Frankly, I don't want this to happen. The ending we were given was a good one; it wrapped up the characters and their lives nicely, but was open ended enough for people to make up their own minds of how things went on afterwards.

Anything beyond that? That's what fan fiction is for.

On one level, I agree especially that they left the ending open to many fanfic for Post513 interpretations and a number of terrific stories have come from that. On another level though, I think it would be lovely to see everyone together again, working on the same project. That they all seem interested in doing so is kind of cool :)

It won't happen. Still, I wouldn't mind so much if it did even if, honestly, I can understand why you would.

how do I say I want a movie or a season?

I just added my Like to the video and followed the campaign on twitter which is mentioned at the end of the vid. Also, mentioned is a facebook campaign but I'm not on facebook. Otherwise, there have been a couple of petitions floating around but I'm not sure how to find them.

If this does one positive thing, it's to get the cast together with
positive feelings about the show.

And certain cast members seem to have finally forgiven CowLip.

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