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Look Down If You Dare: 14 of the World's Most Terrifying (and Beautiful) Glass Skywalks
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From The Smithsonian:
Click photo below and be amazed!!


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For What It's Worth

When I visited the Grand Canyon three years ago, I was part of a tour conducted by an off-duty Park Service guide. She said that the Grand Canyon glass walk was not considered safe by the Park Service and that they don't recommend it to tourists. She didn't seem alarmist to me, or prejudiced against the tribe that owns the structure.

Re: For What It's Worth

I call baloney. The Grand Canyon Skywalk was manufactured in Germany with four layers of tempered, low-iron glass. It can withstand the mangnitude of an 8.0 earthquake, I remember my partner saying (he works for the company who made it), and can carry a load of almost 75,000 kilos at once. I'd go out on that with a lot more confidence than I would the shitty glass they produce in China. ;)

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Re: For What It's Worth

If they don't consider it safe you'd think they'd close it down and yet, they haven't right? Funnily, I posted this partly because I knew that Ashmedai's partner, Chris, had worked on the Grand Canyon glass. I think all these glass walks are terrific but, I admit, I haven't had a chance to try one yet :) I find the engineering feats kind of amazing!

Yikes, I'd never walk across that thing. Never in my life! It's fascinating, though.

I was thinking of Chris when I saw this, how the Grand Canyon was one of the first and now there are so many around the world. I don't know if I'd try the glass bridge but, knowing my family, they would take off across it and I would follow, glad at the end that I had :)

I'm phobic of heights, that's why I couldn't even step on it...or even travel up that far, probably. :)

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