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Pimpage of various kinds
icon science_astronomy
Ai -badbadpixie -has pointed out that October
is 'Breast Cancer Awareness Month'.
In her post, she asks, and justifiably so,
why we can't just make October 'Girl Power Month'?
because she is all-powerful,
she goes right ahead and does...just like that.
She will be posting a different Girl Power-thing every day.
Today's offering is a vid of 'the bangles' being all powerful and big-haired...go watch

I'm not so ambitious,
every day would require a lot more focus then I can bring to the idea but
I would like to post one thing today.

is where you can, on a daily basis,
and by clicking the little pink box,

help buy breast examinations for women who don't have as much as us. I keep the little icon-thing in the middle of my destop to remind me.
Seems reasonable.
Also, seanmegansean, along with tawny_7 and marilla_pm67
in their wisdom and being very creative and I'm sure damned powerful as well, have started a new comm, drabylon for drabbling to pics. A new pic will be posted every Wednesday, with the first already posted today...go play (after reading the rules, naturally)
And lastly, qaficon_awards is still taking nominations for Round Twelve, you have until this Saturday, October 12 and the wild card is 'Best Use of Cropping'...a personal all-time favorite of mine.
(I would have posted a banner to make this bit prettier but I don't know where to go to get one...huh)

I am SO done.

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Thank you for the pimp! ♥

*note to self: make a new pimp banner for qaficon_awards* Thanks for reminding me.

no problem pimping, it'd be fun to see if more people will join in and you will keep me posted on the banner-thing, I'm sure.

I don't know about powerful, but what I do know is that I can't wait to write something again. Stupid RL this week, I'm utterly behind on everything. Oh well, work comes first I guess.

I always try to follow all the icon challenges and comms that are around, but I guess I've never really gotten into it because I cannot understand all the work and details that go into one :S

Girl Power Week in that context really is a great idea *clicks banner*

And thank you for the pimp, it's really much appreciated :D :D

For me it's all about encouraging, I don't want anyone to go away so I encourage and sometimes participate. It took me like five noms at qaficon_challenge to get it to where I can do it without it taking forever. Now I'm fairly quick about it plus I'm always trolling for excellent icons and adding them to my collection so what's not to love.

I do hope the writing starts up again soon, just tell RL to go take a hike, you are needed elsewhere. For me it's not so much RL as the weekends, I'm never on over Sat&Sun, so I guess you're right, concessions must be made.

Pixie invites everyone to play, you should too.

Okay, now I know what Girl Power thing you were talking about. I'm slowly catching up on my flist. :)

and I'm slowly catching up on my email.

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