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Desktop Meme
icon science_astronomy
First, I want to thank Pixie for my beautiful new Girl Power icon, she actually gave me two, the second one will come later and as per switch842  and, apparently many many others: (sorry it's not so clear as hers)...

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your desk top is gorgeous!!! and i love the girl power icon. thanks for sharing.

OOOoOOOOoOooo. creeeepy desktop! Me likes though. I love that all of your icons are spread out to work with your background. I should do that. But then I'd never find anything haha

Yeah, I always liked this image of Brian, the lone wolf prowling the night.

I group them, all the emails together, all Lauren's school stuff together, all media stuff )ie: iTunes, Photoshop, RealPlayer ect). Works great for me.

That scene always kills me a little.

I just love the composition, the color, the feel of it. You're going to probably think I'm awful but I don't actually remember what scene it's from...confession time. Would you like to remind me?

Haha, it's from the scene in late season 2 (?) when Brian just came back from Chicago after saving his career only to find out from the guys that Justin had left for Vermont without him.

ohhh, the start of the badness

The end of season 2 is always really painful for me to watch.

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