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Coronado Paleton De Cajeta Quemada Mexican Goat Milk Candy Lollipops
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I have become shamelessly addicted to the above-referenced candy Shamelessly, I tell you.

Below is my personal stash, in the master bedroom, next to the bed where I can get at them easily. Most days I can satisfy my cravings with one single lollipop. But some days, I am loath to say, I will devour two. Never more. I know my limits.

They are a Mexican candy and can be found easily around the interwebs. Although, full confession, I have a local liquor store, within walking distance, bringing them in for me. Amazon has them as does the aptly named MyMexicanCandy.

If you do try them and find you don't like them, just let me know and I'll pay to have you send the remainder to me. No problem at all :)


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Goats' milk? Count me in! Germany's Amazon has them too, but for 32 Euros for ten lollipops. Wah!

Being alergic to regular milk, I was raised on goat's milk and I'm sure that's one reason I especially like these. Plus they're carmel-y :) I could send you a-ten pack from my personal stash but what if you ended up liking them as much as me and couldn't find them reasonably priced in Europe? Well whatever. Let me know and off they'll go to Germany!

I loved goat's milk the first time I tried it as a teenager (sheep's milk too). Aw thanks, but that's okay - this does sound like something I'd be better off not knowing what it's like. Amazon was the only place I found them, but that price is just outrageous. :)

One lollipop per day sounds very reasonable!

It is a struggle but I try :)

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