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Except for a couple of friends in Germany...
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...my friends list has been pretty quiet about the election but here's the thing, I don't intend to be. So, if you are pro-Trump, you may want to unfriend me and if you simply don't want to deal with politics, you may want to unfriend me because I have a desire to rant & rage. Not often, but often enough.

Hence this quote.

You must protest / It is your diamond duty / Ah but in such an ugly time the true protest is beauty.
Phil Ochs, folksinger_1940-1976

My clarion call,
my strongly expressed demand or request for action,
         to do my art with more purpose, beauty wedded with protest.
And to not be quiet as a charleton is normalized as respectable.


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(Deleted comment)
Thank you!! I will! And hopefully intelligently :)

I am still trying to make sense of the election. Tonight I watched this fantastic discussion about it featuring four smart, thoughtful progressive guests. It's an hour and 35 minutes but absolutely worth the time if you haven't seen it:


I think I'll probably still be processing all of this in four years :) I will absolutely watch the YouTube vid and thank you! This is undoubtedly just the kind of thing I want to pass on, analysis, call to action,, petitions to sign, especially positive things, in order to help me dig my way out of this funk I'm in, yah, yah, yah. If you find interesting things, please let me know :)

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