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'You know nothing, Dog Snow'
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We're rewatching Game of Thrones, at the part where Jon has been habitating north of the wall with the Wildlings and so, I've heard the actual above-referenced paraphrase a LOT recently. Below Dog Snow is perfect :)

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Haha - I laughed when I saw that too. :D

It's the tilt of the dog's head that makes it for me!

Attitude is PERFECT for JS. His girlfriend was a dead ringer for Grumpy Cat.

That's funny...Grumpy Cat!! In last night's rewatch, she shot him full of arrows so...not a fan :(

His girlfriend was a dead ringer for Grumpy Cat.

I just saw this comment and about fell out of my chair laughing. You're SO right! I'll never see the scenes the same way again, haha!

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