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Okay, so I've been thinking about this tattoo...
icon science_astronomy

...and it's not the one I've been thinking about getting,
and will probably actually get,
of resist done in lower case script around my middle right-hand finger, like a ring.

No, not that one.

This one I saw in a dream and not one of those hazy day-dreamy dreams but a really dream.

In the dream it was like this little blackish-red dragon lit on my left shoulder
and fell asleep sprawled flat.

His -- and yeah, I'm pretty sure he was a boy -- muzzle rested on the upper part of my shoulder,
close to my neck, while his lizard-like body-- obviously of European and not Asian descent, I think?? -- laid sprawled over my shoulder and just a little down my arm.

He wasn't too big.

His wings weren't, as would be expected, folded along his body
but instead spread toward my collar bone in front and toward my shoulder blade in back.
Like he was soaking up the sun.
His hind legs were hidden by the wings
but his front paws were just peeking out where his wings attach to his body.

But the really cool part was his tail.
It was  seriously long and curled around my upper arm about one and a half times ending,
about half-way down to my elbow, in just a thin little point as lizzardly-like tails are wont to do.

This started out as a dream and I even actually know the source.
It was a story my daughter read and told me about awhile ago.
In the story a boy has a dragon tattooed on his back which comes out_alive when the boy needs him to
to guide and protect him.
Sometimes the whole dragon comes out and can even be ridden
but sometimes he just lifts up his head and talks in the boy's ear.
Otherwise, he just looks like your typical large-scale dragon tattoo.

I'm becoming vaguely obsessed.
It's like at first the idea of
the dragon tattoo
was just a little thing wrapped inside my mind

but now
it's like the other way around,
the dragon tattoo
has wrapped itself all around the outside of my mind

and I want to have it...pretty much now.

I don't want shit like this.
This is just weird.
And, yet, I want it.
And pretty much now.



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I've checked in Dictionary of symbols what "a dragon" means. It's very interesting. We see only a dark side of dragon's symbolism, when in fact, the symbolism of dragon is
ambivalent, and the ambivalence is constant - a fantastic balance of yang and yin.

works for me, I am in love with balance, with yang and yin or at least what I understand that to mean.

I don't know why but I just love all things dragon. When I was young it was unicorns, the sort of dark solitary kind and while I still find that image haunting I've kind of moved on. Maybe it is because dragons factor so much in not only Lauren's reading but in the books and movies of HP and Lord of the Rings etc.

I don't know to install Snap Shots. How did you do it? I'm looking at your Libraries. Doesn't its icon show automatically at the link after the installation? My links don't have SS icon. Why not?

How did I do what? I don't know what Snap Shots is. Be clear woman, because you've left me in your dust, in-other-words, I'm clueless and I really do want to help you do whatever it is I've, apparently, done.

I don't how to explain. Just go on your main page and look at "My Libraries" links. When you move your mouse closer to this little TV/icon that is at the end of site's name a preview of that particular site shows up.

now I understand. I didn't do anything, LJ did. I get their news updates and a little while back, in the last news update I got from them actually, they afford the option of having websites and other blog sites show on your journal as those little windows. It's really cool. I can't figure out how to do it without the post they sent but it's all them.

I'll keep looking but you let me know if you figure it out. I normally put their posts to 'memories' but I don't have that one.

Yes, yes, yes! Now I have these little icons too!!

Gaeln, girl! Thank you!

well, you found that fast, excellent.

Snoopy Harka!


On several occasions I've thought about getting a tat, but I've always been stopped by one important thing...I hate needles.

I hope if you go for this, you'll take a pic and share it.

I will and thanks for commenting.

Let us know if you go through with it!

oaky, I will let you know, wouldn't that be awesome?

Yes, definitely! I really like your idea!

Get someone who can draw to draw it on you with colored ink that way you can see it and decide. Sounds very cool.

very cool idea that I never would have thought of, thanks

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