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Baked Goods_Numero Dos
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What a wild ride, man!! Two months and FOUR baked goods. Be still my beating heart :)
As you will not recall in Baked Goods Post Numero Uno we made Eggnogg Bread and Alex's Corn Muffins.
Now, Magic Muffins and Indian Spice Trail Muffins which, as you may have noticed, look basically the same :)

Below left are Magic Muffins and can handily be found on the side of a box of Gourmet all the way :)
And honestly, so so easy and so so good apparently, because they were gone in three or so days. Half were little for snaking, half were normal for dinner.
          While below right are Indian Spice Trail Muffins which beyond chopped pecans and in living up to their name, include ground cinammon, nutmeg and cloves.
          What next?? What next? I can never know :)



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