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As one or two of you may recall...
icon science_astronomy
...a couple of weeks ago, David took us on a secret journey,
a sweet little alone-time-20th Anniversary journey for four days to
We went North.

And I've decided, for the sake of actually getting this thing done, to do a two-parter post.
This would be the first part of those two parts 'cause I'm just organized that way.

So behind the cut is one little story that at least gets us to Seattle

two little pictures taken of us while we were there by people conveniently located at the beginning,
and at the end, of each new adventure.
Whether we went underground to see 'Underground Seattle' or took to the water on a harbor cruise,
there they were, taking our pictures and then selling them to us...so sweet.

I'm sure I've said I'd never post pics of us


One Little Story:
At the airport

Counter check-in lady -- 'Know what? you guys aren't seated together.
Me -- What? We have to be seated together, it's our 20th anniversary, we HAVE to be seated together.
CC-IL: -- Let me see what I can do. (type type do this do that) Okay I've got you together, your seat nos. are...
Me - !!YAY!!!
We mess around the airport for an hour BUT when it was time to board
our original counter check-in lady (CC-IL) was there, at the boarding gate,
which was...unusual --
Alaska Air is not that small an airline --
and she was beckoning us over to her...all happy happy.
We approached her...all cautious cautious.

they upgraded us to

we've have never flown first class seriously.
We got to sit in front of the curtain
spent some time recalling lines from that Seinfeld episode when he got first class
and Elaine was in coach.
We felt for Elaine when watching the show,
but NOW
we just laughed...classless society yeah right.

We had our very own steward, all dressed in black...all in black. I was in love.
We ate off of china WITH silverware,
we drank coffee from mugs that were REFILLED whenever necessary,
we ate scones with REAL fruit.
I never wanted to get off the FREAKIN' plane.
But I did.
We had to transfer to a prop job, a little commuter plane
where we practically had to sit on each other.
David was like, 'my...how quickly the mighty have fallen.'
I couldn't help but agree but at least -- we'll always have San Jose to Portland.

The two pics as promised

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
us doing a harbor cruise

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
us doing "Underground Seattle" the very same day

The next part of this, my two-parter post, will be one other little story but otherwise, mostly just pics I took while there...obviously. (alright..if you insist....I'll throw-in a couple of David's 'cause I'm just generous that way) I may have a few other words to offer up but I promise, I will not ramble on.

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You both look so happy together! I love the story about your upgrade. That a fabulous way to a start a romantic getaway.

YAY for you both!!!

It was a wonderful way to start and it gets even better. I'll tell you in the second post, another little story so stay tuned, okaay?

We'll talk tomorrow.

Why the hell didn't I see this post of yours sooner?



'We'll talk tomorrow.'

what happened to you? my wireless went down so I, at least, have a great reason for not being around.

Well, I'm not sure if it's an excusable reason, but I was visiting my Sis and she uses her computer for watching TV.

From today I'm at home again, and that means I'll finally get hold of the computer.

Ha-ha, your icon is fantastic! Did you make it?

I actually found the image as part of something much larger and iconized it down to a useful size. Gets the point across.

Glad you're back and, yeah, that your sister uses the computer for TV is a good excuse.

What a fantastic surprise! Both David's for you and the airline's for you both. You guys look great. ;)

It was a wonderful surprise, the woman who did it for us was so happy, I think we made her day as much as she made ours. It just so nice to be able to make other people happy by letting them do nice things for you, don't ya think?

It just so nice to be able to make other people happy by letting them do nice things for you, don't ya think?

lol Actually, I do agree with that. There's an art to receiving well, I think. Good on you for mastering it! ;)

Cool airline story! I've always wondered about first class... *sighs*

and *sigh* you should, I really was amazed. Just wait until you hear my hotel story (part two). If everything in the cosmos aligns itself right, I should be able to get that out by the end of the week.

gayle...you and david are the cutest couple and i loved your first class story...especially:

"I never wanted to get off the FREAKIN' plane."

it pays to speak up!

happy anniversary. i look forward to part two.


thank you, we are adorable aren't we? Of course, we were more cute, and I can't believe I'm saying this, thirty-eight years ago when we met but we're aging pretty well.

I'm seriously behind but hopefully I'll have part two out in a couple of days. I'm so glad you're enjoying this. Thanks for commenting.

Happy belated 20th anniversary - I love stories when bad luck turns into much better luck! And thank you for the postcard from Seattle - that's one city I wanted to visit but I only got as close as Vancouver.

'that's one city I wanted to visit'
You will...right? next time.

I'll tell you, it's as clean and well-dressed and pretty a little city as I've been to, not that I've been to all that many, but really, David and I may end up there. I haven't been to Vancouver but I did make it to Victoria and that was a very pretty city, I just remember flowers everywhere, so cool. We don't get a lot of that here.

Like I said, everywhere I go, I get you postcards, just wish I could do more.

Happy belated Anniversary! You guys look very happy together :)

usually...usually we are, we were those four days I can tell you.

That's a great story! Happy 20th! What does your t-shirt say? And are those suede Merrills on your feet? I have two pairs just like that. :)

Thanks, glad you liked my little story.

The t-shirt is one from the Gap for Bono's Red Campaign for African Aids relief. It says PREFER(RED). Hallmark, iPod, Oprah,and I think Armani plus others are involved. There's controversy, does shopping equal helping but I figure, I'm going to buy t-shirts anyway, I'm going to buy Christmas ornaments anyway so if some of the money helps, can't hurt.

Sadly, the shoes are merely scuffed-up ankle boots of no particular lineage. I'll have to check-out Merrills, thing is, I'm very hard on shoes so I've never been one to invest much money into them.

Thanks for commenting, I appreciate.

What does mean "Underground Seattle"? (Former) Subway tunels or what?

LOL! Your description of first class was so funny.

I haven't travelled by plane very often, but I don't remember having any problems. There wasn't a crush or screaming kids, annoying examples of human race or unkind stewards. Obviously, I've been lucky.

We had to transfer to a prop job, a little commuter plane where we practically had to sit on each other.

But you cannot say it was boring. "First class" seems nice but if you compare it with "folk class" where many unusual, colourful and unpredictable adventures happen, it seems quite "pale".

Underground Seattle is just weird, check here: http://www.undergroundtour.com/

I've flown a lot, tons of short trips and many long ones. My daughter, who just turned fourteen, has flown at least twenty-five times to Southern California, twice to Florida, twice to Ohio, once to North Carolina, once to Washington DC and once to Los Vegas -- her first flight, she was ten months. I was with her on every one except DC -- school field trip. Include for me all the years before she was even born and it's a lot.

The thing about first class was that everything was real, ceramic not plastic, flatware not plastic, fresh fruit blah blah blah not just a bag of roasted peanuts. And it was roomy, Harka, it was roomy. And the steward. He knew it was our first time so he was especially attentive and really, when was the last time you saw a steward all dressed in black, very classy.

I just felt so...special.

Your link is something what has to be surfed tomorrow.

But 14 dollars for a ticket???!!!!

I have long legs, so I appreciate "roomy" very much .

Hey, it looks like you had a great time! You have a resemblance to that actress whose name I can't remember right now. She used to be in a lot of Woody Allen movies. I always loved her.
Thanks for sharing this with us.

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