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Check out Nike's new ad_Equality_short, sweet, and to the point
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Most cool of Nike!!!!

It's showing up everywhere, isn't it.

M Lyn

Thanks for posting.

Glad it's showing up everywhere. I heard it was on the Grammys! And you are right, it is very cool of Nike, and all the other companies who are taking a stand on what they represent.

Thanks and I hadn't seen it before. Very clever and so relevant in your current climate.

It seems as though a lot of companies are responding positively, IMO, to our current climate. Undoubtedly a good thing :)

Very nicely done, Nike. I'm sort of glad I wear them.

I'm glad you do too. It's a positive message.

It is. It's just a shame it needs to be said at all.

Nice commercial, but black people can do more than play basketball wearing stuff made by a greedy corporation that makes huge amounts of money while paying manufacturers in China and Vietnam very little. I don't want to be unpleasant, because it's a good message and we need now to hear about equality more than ever, but I can't stop myself from thinking further more, about these unpleasant things.

You have every right to unpleasant. These are unpleasant times. But when a company, greedy or otherwise, uses a positive message to not just sell product but to say something about what they stand for, whether they are entirely successful or not, instead of using mindless bull or sex or whatever, I feel I want to support that. I like the commercial and those people in it :)

Nike does sell sports shoes and clothing so, it does seem natural that the poeple, not all of whom were black BTW, in their commercial would be doing sports or activity-type things. It's what they do :)

A message that can't be spread enough.

Nothing better than an ad for a product that also carries an important message. This is certainly one of those. Hugs, Grammy

Also, love your icon!

That is cool , thanks Nike!

That was absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for posting.

You are more than welcome:)

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