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I think, as these periodically come along...
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...I'll post them here because they really are speedy yet full of information about ISS!

    From YouTube: NASA Johnson
No one knows the International Space Station better than the people who live and work there—and now they’re sharing that knowledge in bite-sized chunks. In the first of a series of short videos called “SpeedyTime,” Expedition 52 flight engineer Jack Fischer gives us a quick-but-thorough tour of payload activities inside and outside the airlock in the station’s Japanese laboratory module, Kibo.



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Ooh NASA videos! I never thought to look for any! After watching this one I watched a few more from ISS. I was surprised by how noisy it sounds in there!

I subscribe to at least a couple of their YouTube channels and enjoy them so much. I'm glad you enjoyed this one enough to go find more!

Thanks for posting - so awesome.Must check out more of these NASA videos.

Please, do check out more. NASA has several YouTube channels. Plus I will be posting more here so, stay tuned :)

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