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Change-ups in our courtyard
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          Before_Our old old, years old Nandina and Aagapanthus. The 2 Nandina grew too big over the course of 15 years, although the drought had finally wrecked them, and the 4 Aagapanthus were basically over taken by them. The catus came with the house and, having started to totally decay, was discarded
                    So, we took heavy equipment to them and within a half hour, all 5 were basically gone. At least above ground.
                               It took quite a while longer to have them gone below ground but eventually we had a new canvas to work with.
                                        Our most local nursery, Summerwinds, was/ is having a sale, they're sadly closing our location, so we got very good deals on the replacement plants, 3 Ruby Stella Hemerocallis, 1 Petite Plaum Crape Myrtle, it grows about 5 feet high and 4 feet wide, and 3 other lower growing plants that I forget what are. All 3 types were chosen for their sun and drought tolerance and, natually, their textural differences.

Afer they've grown in a bit, I'll post another photo.
Below I'm just throwing in a couple of photos of our walkway because I think it looks quite nice :)


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Wow, what a change! I love it! The approach to your door is now a journey with great scenery. I love watching plants thrive, and these drought-tolerant species should flourish. *crosses fingers* FanSee

Thank you! And me too :) Although it's also a little sad when a plant has seemingly thrived a bit too much, has out grown its space, and needs to be removed. I'd planted the two Nandina 15 years ago when each fit in the palm of my hand. It was sad to see them go but the drought had wrecked havoc on them so now, we begin again :)

Your walkway is lovely! And the rest of the yard certainly looks different! It will be interesting to see the same area once the new plants have had time to grow.

Thank you! I'll remember next spring to post a followup pick :)

That's really a big improvement, and your walkway is absolutely beautiful! :)

It is! And thank you :)

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