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So what I'm Doing
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This post is about making a committment that I've made to myself public because I read in an article in Medium that doing so would solidify that committment-to-myself and I think I believe that's true and for me this is about as public as it gets. I've long talked about my little project with Aaron, as it involves him but more on that later, and plan on 'going public' with both my bookclub and coffee klatch.soon-ish.

My committment is that I will finally create to completion, by January 2018, and publish on the Kindle platform, by February 2018, the children's book that has been floating around in my head for about a decade. It will be done with a fairly typical narration, a child's imaginative take on her world, but done, I think, with a fairly original illustration-style.

I have the outlining done, the formatting done, and the dialogue, 21 pages written drabble-style in order to restrict my tendency to over-write, done.

And now, I'm on to the illustrations. There will be 23 drawings in-total with 11 as 1-page spreads and 12 as 2-page spreads. I'm going to do three different illustration-styles each requiring different media. This is what is making me nervous especially since I don't draw from imagination and I think that what I hope to accomplish will require this skill.

I am planning on updating here periodically. I suppose I should make a committment as to when. How about once a month unless otherwise inidcated?

So ever onward! And thank you for your time.


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I can't wait to see the updates about this! Making commitments like this is great!

Thank you so much!! And I think so too, hopefullly :) I've never done something like this before so, let'ssee how it goes. I did start an illustrtion today so, good so far.

Sounds like a plan! :-) I'm looking forward to following along with the book's progress.

Oh, wow! That is such a great project. Good luck!!

I hope it will be :) Thank you!!

Good luck and lots of inspiration to complete the book soon!

Thank you! And I can feel the inspiration flowing already :)

I think it's so great that you're working on a book. Looking forward to following your progress!! ♥

You know, I really think that there may be something to this public commitment thing!! Thanks so much for your encouragement :)

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