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Coywolves!! This is just so cool :)
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I had heard bout these guys several years ago and am very glad to learn about how well they are now (at least as of 2015) doing because, as you can tell from my top-of-the-journal photo, I love wolves and coyotes. And dogs are pretty cool too :)

From The Economist on Medium: Greater than the sum of its parts_It is rare for a new animal species to emerge in front of scientists’ eyes. But this seems to be happening in eastern North America.
          Like some people who might rather not admit it, wolves faced with a scarcity of potential sexual partners are not beneath lowering their standards. It was desperation of this sort, biologists reckon, that led dwindling wolf populations in southern Ontario to begin, a century or two ago, breeding widely with dogs and coyotes. The clearance of forests for farming, together with the deliberate persecution which wolves often suffer at the hand of man, had made life tough for the species. That same forest clearance, though, both permitted coyotes to spread from their prairie homeland into areas hitherto exclusively lupine, and brought the dogs that accompanied the farmers into the mix.

For the rest of this short article, click here!

And enjoy :)

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They look cute. This guy looks a bit shy. Amazing fur color! Their existence says something really bad about how we treat the wild life and their habitat. But here they are so let's hope they thrive.

It does say something bad about how we treat other species but I also find their adaptability amazing and very hopeful.

So beautiful! I hope we're able to keep enough wilderness around to let them live happily.

I wish it well, and truly hope it survives! I love wolves, too, and all species of the canidae family.

They seem to be thriving and since they are wolf, coyote, and dog, they should be stronger and more adaptable. And yeah, me too, wolves, coyotes, even fox, maybe especially fox, I love them all.

Haha I love that they're called coywolves, presumably coyote+wolf, and it looks like its being coy in that picture!! ;D

I thought that too, glancing back over its shoulder like that :)

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