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Astronomy Picture of the Day_So cool!
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The Explanation links contain a kitty and David Bowie singing plus information about the car. Enjoy!!
Car Orbiting Earth
Credit: SpaceX
Explanation: Last week, a car orbited the Earth. The car, created by humans and robots on the Earth, was launched by the SpaceX Company to demonstrate the ability of its Falcon Heavy Rocket to place spacecraft out in the Solar System. Purposely fashioned to be whimsical, the iconic car was thought a better demonstration object than concrete blocks. A mannequin clad in a spacesuit -- dubbed the Starman -- sits in the driver's seat. The featured image is a frame from a video taken by one of three cameras mounted on the car. These cameras, connected to the car's battery, are now out of power. The car, attached to a second stage booster, soon left Earth orbit and will orbit the Sun between Earth and the asteroid belt indefinitely -- perhaps until billions of years from now when our Sun expands into a Red Giant. If ever recovered, what's left of the car may become a unique window into technologies developed on Earth in the 20th and early 21st centuries.


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I was so excited about this news. Really inspiring, beyond all the comments about the practicality of all this.

Very cool. I've heard a couple of disparaging remarks about it, but I think it's great. Musk is at least trying to get us back into space.

I think it's great too! All I can say to those who would disparage is 'what the hall are you doing?' His company is making regular deliveries to the space station and that's brilliant!

Elon Musk is a gift to our environment and future of space travel. He is truly a big boy with the best toys. AND the best news of all...he shares!!

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