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There's been a slight delay
icon science_astronomy
Way back in

I took some photos in

here -- the skyline



downtown far away

downtown closer

view from the hotel window facing east

artsey alleyway shot
clickity-click on each for serious big

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You really do take beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them. :D

not a problem, it's probably pretty hard to take a not pretty picture of Seattle, the city just glows.

Wow, what beautiful pictures. I've always wanted to visit that city but haven't got the chance. Is that the real world house there in the last picture? *blushes for knowing what it'd look like*

Is that the real world house there in the last picture
not sure but, stupid me, I said I had four under the cut when I actually had five so I cut that last one out anyway. If you get a chance, please visit Seattle, it is by far the cleanest, prettiest little city I've ever visited.

Oooh, pretty pics! I especially like the third to last one. What a great shot :D

thank you, that one, I think you mean, was shot from our hotel window. I had to do several before I could get it without glare and I was afraid the lighting would chance, the clouds were amazing.

Hee, yes, I meant the one from your hotel window. Sorry, my brain's swimming in vodka right now, so I probably don't make too much sense lol

well, I understood and that's what matters. we are obviously on very different times...here it's 3:00pm, a little bit early for the cocktail hour so it's like I thought, about eight...nine hours difference between us. have fun, just remember...tomorrow comes and then what.

Hee. Yep, it seems to be nine hours, since it's just a quarter past midnight over here. And tomorrow isn't all that important, since both my classes got cancelled. so apart froma translation job I have fuck all to do tomorrow. I'm already bored stiff just thinking about it. And then comes the weekend with almost nothing to do, too. I really miss the goold old days when I ordered ebook after ebook - but since I decided to not order any anymore to save some money, I really have lots of time on my hands. If only I felt up to doing something reallly useful. but alas ;b

Ok, I really need to go to sleep I think.

G'Night ;)) xoxo

G'Night or should I say G'Morning, have a sweet day with not much to do, personally, my favorite kind.

Ooh, great pics! Thanks for sharing. :-)

thanks so much for commenting, glad you like them. I love your icon BTW

Thanks! It was made by the talented letmypidgeonsgo.

these are great pics. the view from your hotel looks like you were on the 50th floor...the coloring is amazing.

thanks for sharing, i have never been there.


it was actually the 32nd floor, on the corner so we had 2 windows, one facing east and one north toward the space needle. I've been a few times, mainly when I was little with my folks but Daiv and I took Lauren there when she was very little. I love this city, I could live there easy.

thanks so much for commenting.

Gr-reat pics! The cloud formations are marvelous. And the early morning one, with the sun turning the clouds all golden...guh. That's my fav. FanSee

the clouds were totally amazing, it's such a beautiful city, it looks like it's just floating on the water. thanks so much for commenting

The artsy alley shot is my favorite. Great angles. When I first saw the one out the hotel room facing east, I thought of Havana. The color of the sky and low-rise buildings.

thank you, I liked the artsey one too, angles and reflections. The hotel one is just west coast sunset just before rain and facing away from downtown hence the low-rise buildings. Have you been to Havana? can we go to Havana? I didn't think we could go to Havana. I have been to San Juan though. How that relates I'm not sure.

I like your icon. If I going to keep doing photography, I'll have to get me something like that, very cool.

No, I've never been to Havana, but really want to go before the Castros are gone and the country/city is opened up to the west and commercialization. I want to see old, decayed Havana. The 1950s cars in the street, etc.

You can go. But not directly from the U.S. You have to fly to Nassau, San Juan, etc. I have a friend whose mom just went for Christmas with a group of her friends. I told her she and I need to go. I need to prod her.

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