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OHMYGOD we missed half-naked Gale
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These were my 14 year old, Lauren's exact words to me
as I drove her to school yesterday...Monday morning around 7:30am.
I naturally said 'Seriously? You find this out on YouTube?'
She gave me her to-perfection 'freakin' duh' look and
proceeded to tell me all about it
while I was thinking how amazing it was that she'd spent
her Very prescious half-hour between when Desperate Housewives
 -- the first eppie we've remembered to watch --
ended at 10:00pm and
her bedtime at 10:30pm searching YouTube for Gale bits
Ahhh...how cute is that?

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lauren is a young gale fan in the making and she takes her work seriously! Ahhh...how cute is that?...very cute!


thank you, I think so too

Aaww! I had no idea Gale was on Desperate Housewives!

now you do, I have all along but I just can't manage to remember to watch. I remain hopeful.

Gaeln, did she find half-naked Gale on You Tube? Hmm, she gave me an idea! Say thanks to your daughter in my name, will you?

yes she did, and lots more, have you? I will give her your thanks. it's good to hear from you.

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