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Fuck You, Penguin....the website
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From the folks at the Very Short List
who say this:
'Half the Internets are taken up with photos and videos of the CUTEST. ANIMALS. EVER. Fuck You, Penguin takes a long, hard look at superadorable puppies, monkeys, sloths, and moose — and tells them, in no uncertain terms, to get fucked. Needless to say, it's our new favorite website.
For the rest of their article, see here

I say this:
People submit cute animal picture to the guy's relatively new blog and he provides the captions and the narratives.  This is only one example chosen, pretty much at random, by me:

the guy says this;
This bear is essentially raping my soul

So basically this totally thoughtless motherfucker decided regular bears weren't cute enough. His solution? GIVE HIMSELF NATURAL FUCKING EYEGLASSES. Then, becoming the single cutest animal on the face of the earth, he laid on his fucking back so we could all see his goddamn belly, and then furtively glanced in our direction, thereby rendering any potential defense against his advances totally useless. Well played, Bear. I'm going to go take a shower now.

This way to Fuck You, Penguin
(and if language is a problem for you, obviously stay away)


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g, this was in my email today, i bookmarked it after going back many pages to see what was there. did you happen to see the white tiger cub? oh, so cute!!!


not only the tiger club, who was adorable, but the kangaroo. What a pose!!!

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