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Call to Service
icon science_astronomy
I receive two to three emails, including vids, from the Obamas
or their transition team or Biden every day
This one needs to be passed on.
Please watch the vid, it's only about one and a half minutes
and, if you can, help spread the word.

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gayle, thank you for passing this on. i am so excited that this bright, intelligent woman is going to be our first lady.


As am I. Lauren and I, with Jimmy of course, have signed up to do yard work and such at an elderly couples house on the 19th. I'd like to be able to continue doing this type of thing once a month anyway. it was so cool, one of the friends I emailed this to, emailed back in about five minutes to tell me she had already signed-up and will start tomorrow helpng a little 8 year old Africa-American boy, very cool.

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