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Technology...it's Exponential
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My husband just sent me this YouTube vid, something he does a lot,
and which always makes me wonder just what he's spending his time doing in his little office at work.

Did you know that if MySpace were a country, it would be the fifth largest on the planet? Yikes!!

I wonder if I should have put this behind a cut?


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That was really interesting. Loads of stuff I didn't know/think about/realize.

And that last statistic about D/Ling illegally made me LOL.

I so appreciate those who take the time to think about all this, and then present what they learn in a way in a way we can grasp. Visuals, and a decent soundtrack, do wonders for keeping my attention. Thanks for commenting.

I saw the CEO of Facebook on the Today show this morning and they said that the amount of people on Facebook equals the population of Brazil!

and I'm not on either...always the rebel.

I have a blogspot free account, but that's it besides LJ. I'm quite happy here. :D

Mind-boggling statistics, I must say! I confess to having a Facebook account, to keep track of family members and very close friends, but only log in once every several months! Does that make me an illegal alien? :D

'Does that make me an illegal alien?'
yes...yes it does or at least a member of a community the size of Brazil, which is cool. And yeah, mind-boggling is very right.

i've seen this before but i can't remember where...thanks for the post, fascinating and scary stuff!! and definitely worth another viewing.


thanks, it really is interesting, and scary.

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