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I just made our first post at 100_snapshots
icon art_camera
Lauren and I are participating together.
When we both have a snapshot that matches a particular theme,
in this case the two themes are WITHIN & YELLOW,
I will post there and link here.

to our comm. post

Let me know what you think and I'll pass any comments and suggestions on.
(I told her I didn't want to use her real name over there so, she tells me to use Loren because...that's different.
So, I did.

Now I'm off to try and figure out flickr.
Sholdn't be to hard since they seem to already know who I am.
Sweet.and just a little strange.

EDIT: I now have a flickr account under gaylen94 I think.
But I'm friendless and so sad.
If you're over there, let me know.

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i really like the angle of lauren's within shot.

ah, flick. i'm over there.

So do I, she practically stands on her head to get some of them. Do you go by lastglances? I'd like to look at what you have up if that's ok. Most of my stuff is on photobucket. I'm just using flickr for this 100_snapshots for now. Although it looks like a nice place.

here's my photo page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lastglances/

i actually go by lorettayoungsilks over there but as you can see above, my site is under lastglances.

i added you as a contact yesterday.

So I went, I saw (one page anyway, I'll go back) I contacted. How cool, you're my first. Will they let me know now whenever you post a photo? The little vid was fascinating, really. Your neighborhood looks very nice and how fun to see you all talking and moving around and stuff. And the pic of you and Jack, what can I say? Adorable. And I especially like 'Spring Break' and "Library'.

when i post a new photo, it'll show up under your contacts on the home page.

and i've really like how my project 52 has turned out so far. much better than i expected.

Left a comment there, but WOW! You both have posted really interesting photos on the themes!

Thank you! We're both really just beginning. I got a new camera for Christmas so I was able to give her my old one. My only advise was to think abstractly which she seems to be doing. No typical tourist shots yet. We've only gone out a few times but I think this comm. will help motivate us. Hopefully.

Oh, and I hope I didn't repeat myself too badly from what i said at the comm. Don't want to bore you.

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