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Today the House voted for justice
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Now the Hate Crimes Bill moves on to the Senate.

The Human Rights Campaign sent this vid to me before but I didn't post it.
I should have. So, now I am.

Take a stand

EDIT: arwensong kindly provided me with this way to easily find out who your senators are.  Thank you.

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I am sitting here in tears...but when I compose myself, I'm sending emails to my Senators. Thanks for posting this. No Mother should have to go through what she went through.


I know, how brave is she? I'm always a little lax on contacting my congressmen and senators because, when it comes to these kinds of issues, they're usually the ones writing or sponsoring these measures, but this one's too important. Thanks so much for contact yours, every bit helps.

Got it done, and for anyone on your friend list who needs it, (and life is busy, you can forget who your senators are) here is a link that is handy. Most Senators are easy to google and get their contact info right from their webpage.


Thanks again for bringing this important issue to the fore!

Thanks. I added the link to my post so that should make things much easier.

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