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Fourth post to 100_snapshots commnity
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Some in this community are photographers who take or set-up gorgeous shots using Good cameras.

On the other hand, while I once was a photographer, I now take snapshots, as does Lauren, with nothing planned and with Point & Shot Cameras. Maybe by List Two (more likely by Three) we will attempt being photographers. That having been said, I like what we are doing and she is having a great time. Whenever I say 'Let's go take some pictures' she whines and moans but once there, I have to keep saying 'come on, honey, let's go' because it's always 'just one more, mom.'
Very Cool.

Photographers: Gaeln & Loren
Number of Photos: 4
Themes: 10_blue & 90_trapped


When Loren took this one, she said it reminded her of a Rauschenberg.
Makes a mother proud.




to third post which connects to the others

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I am so glad you posted these pix they are awesome. I am also glad you posted because I have now found out about this great photo community that I knew nothing about until you posted this. I have joined.

I really want to spend some time I think away from "words" and back into pictures. Does that make sense. LOL!!!

Nice work on the pictures. keep at it.


'I really want to spend some time I think away from "words" and back into pictures. Does that make sense. LOL!!!'

That makes total sense, and I agree plus this gets us out and interacting with the real world alot more. We take a copy of the list with us. We do check it as we go along but don't necessarily work to it. I'm so glad you've joined, I'll look forward to seeing you pics.

These are great! I love taking pictures, too, and strive for something special in each picture. I think that's happened two or three times. lol

How long ago were you a photographer? And why do you say you once were a photographer?

I studied photography in college and for a while thought to peruse a career but didn't, I made some small effort but not enough. It's good now to be able to pass on my love to Lauren.

I'm sure something special happens alot more often then once or twice. You should post or have I just missed?

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