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Queer As Folk

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When Queer As Folk ended, like many, I was unsatisfied with that ending so, I began a journey that became this fanfic, which continues the story of most of the main characters while also introducing several new ones. There is also an underlying narrative provided by the Editors of The Brian Kinney Operating Manual that Michael was always so fond of quoting to Justin. This fanfic spans nearly sixty years and in that time people die, but before they do, a lot of living happens and in almost every case, those lives are lived to the fullest of my capabilities. From Daphne to Ted, from Jennifer to Carl, everyone has the life I would have wished for them including Brian and Justin.

Short Stories
Christmas Stories

Adam Lambert & Tommy Joe Ratliff
My one, my only. During the 2010 tour, Tommy deals with his frustrations in the only way he knows how, by not talking to Adam, by not talking to anyone, by taking matters into his own hands, thereby eventually making the situation so very uneasy, Adam must finally confront him. Some angst  but with a better future available to them if they chose to take it.

Original StoriesGwynedd_Aldenicon quantum
EssaysThese three essays are about Fundamental Particles and some of what I consider to be the most awesome objects in the cosmos like Stars & where they are born and Black Holes & Quasars.


Astronomy Picture of the Day
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I haven't done one of these in quite a long time! Hope you enjoy :)
From those lovely folks at NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive who bring you
the poeticvally named Old Moon in the New Moon's Arms

Image Credit & Copyright: Yuri Beletsky (Carnegie Las Campanas Observatory, TWAN)

Explanation: Also known as the Moon's "ashen glow" or the "Old Moon in the New Moon's arms", earthshine is earthlight reflected from the Moon's night side. This stunning image of earthshine from a young crescent moon was taken from Las Campanas Observatory, Atacama Desert, Chile, planet Earth near moonset on January 18. Dramatic atmospheric inversion layers appear above the Pacific Ocean, colored by the sunset at the planet's western horizon. But the view from the Moon would have been stunning, too. When the Moon appears in Earth's sky as a slender crescent, a dazzlingly bright, nearly full Earth would be seen from the lunar surface. A description of earthshine, in terms of sunlight reflected by Earth's oceans in turn illuminating the Moon's dark surface, was written 500 years ago by Leonardo da Vinci.


Weekend Before Last...
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...we attended, once again, The Silicon Valley Auto Show in downtown San Jose at the McEnery Convention Center. Should you actually bother clicking on the link, I just want to say that while I really enjoy this place, I really can't abide the mosaic on its front. Still, we had a terrific time and I even managed to take a couple of photos so, thought I'd post them here.

Signage out front & a pretty custom car. I always feel a little guilty loving these obviously obsessed-over cars people doll-up, spending stunning amounts of money doing so. But the craft, oh man, the craft is amazing. This is one of the quieter of the 20 or so examples :)

I always try to do this, catch a photo of the fam walking away, they are to the left with David in front with Aaron behind. We are on our way to the Spaghetti Factory where, thankfully, we had reservations because there was a 90 minute wait otherwise. And across the street from McEnery is the The City National Civic Center where conventions took place prior to McEnery being built in 1989. Built in 1936, in that ubiquitous California Spanish-mission style, it was recently and beautifully renovated. Lovely day!

And sure, you might say, that's all fine and good our finding out about your Weekend Before Last but what about last weekend itself? What fun did you guys have last weekend? Well, we say, we saw The Post at our local theater and so so fine a film it is. Streep & Hanks...just damn!
Trailer below ya'all! We highly recommend.


I just have to share!
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no title   For my birthday, Aaron got me

PROTEST SOCKS!!! How cool are they? And they will be put to good use very soon at the Women's March on January 20th. Perfect!!
He also got me the lovely made-from-recycled-materials bag for toting around my drawing pencils. Also perfect.

Thanks for listening :)

A quotey-quote
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quote    This comes from Wordsmith's Word of the Day which, happily, also includes a Thought for the Day!
When all's said and done, all roads lead to the same end. So it's not so much which road you take, as how you take it__Charles de Lint, writer


My new year's Quote to Live By and beauty by NASA
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For the past couple of years, I've been posting this quote, from Neil Gamon, as my new year's wish as well for everyone!
May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art - write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.
_Neil Gaiman
I include here also a short vid from the fine, and vaguely mad, folks at NASA :)


End of one year, start of another
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5769888.jpeg Can it truly be that time of year again?? I started doing this Mission101 thing waaay back in 2009. One mission of 101 tasks to be completed in one year. And so far, a great big success for me. And hopefully for mine as well.

Without further ado, for your viewing pleasure, follow the link to the completed task list which can be found here
Mission101_No. 8

Start: January 1, 2017_End December 31, 2017
No. of tasks TOTAL_101

Completed TOTAL_89
Not Completed TOTAL_12

Shared-ideas.jpg    This one I've set-up quite differently than the other 9 as I have divided it into sections. Let's see how this works!
Mission101_No. 9
Start: January 1, 2018_End December 31, 2018

January Completed_   February Completed_   March Completed_     April Completed_
May Completed_    June Completed_    July Completed_    August Completed_
September Completed_     October Completed_     November Completed_     December Completed_


1 & 2_Read all

Project_36 BOOKS

3 through 8_3 per month_1/ 12

9_Project_100 MOVIES


10_Hallway bathroom

Project_Making LIFE Better

11_Read each, FOOD; INWARD; OUTWARD Documents each Monday


12_Follow FOOD Routine

13  to 14_Follow Things to Do Routine

15 through 19_Redo COOKBOOK

20_Divide week by day into 'types

21_Reduce processed foods by making our own one per month_0/ 12


Health & Appearance

22_Follow SUNDAY Routine_0/ 52

23_Follow WEIGHT LOSS Routine_0/ 2

24_MEDITATE to SofA 15 mins 3 days/ week_0/ 52

25_Follow Appearance CLOTHING Document

26 to 27_Study 1920s to 50s clothing to emulate

28_Follow Appearance MAINTENCE Routine

29_Have EYELASHES done once per month_0/ 12

30_CLOTHING Book_Update

31_Find General PRACTITIONER_make appointment

Personality & Thinking

32_Follow SPEECH & LANGUAGE Routine

33 to 34_Follow IMPROVE THINKING Routine

35_Find a Mantra_memorize & use


Project_COREL Paint Essentials Five

36 through 39_LEARN to Illustrate book

40_PURCHASE Wacom Bamboo Fun

Project_CHILD'S Book

41 to 42_Child's Style_Thumbnails & Bluelines

43 to 44_Child's Style_Finished Drawing

45 to 46_Child Style_Color & Scan

Project_CHRISTMAS Card


48 to 49_Final Design

50_Computer_Ready for Print


Project_ART Development


53_SET-UP 4 Drawings w/ paper

54_Two Month DRAWING

55_Two Month DRAWING

56_Two Month DRAWING

57_Two Month DRAWING

58_Redefine how to take drawings to next-level

59 to 60_WATCH 25 Art-related Documentaries_0/ 25

61 to 62_READ 5 Art-related Books_0/ 5

63 to 64_TAKE 5 online Courses_0/ 5


65 through 73_Reread/ Re-edit/ Print-out 12_0/ 12


74 to 75_Follow FAMILY & FRIEND Routine

76_TRADITIONS List_Read & Follow Monthly_0/ 12

Project_Aaron's JOURNAL

77_Edit for 2016

78_Print and put in binder


79 to 80_ORGANIZE yahoo; facebook; twitter; Livejournal; Dreamwidth



81 to 82_Complete fifteen ACTIVITIES_0/ 15

83_REDHAT Society

84_HUMANIST Society_Check out Sunday meetings

85_MUSEUM six times per year_0/ 6

86 to 87_Art Galleries_Check out

88_Complete five ENGAGEMENTS_0/ 5


89_At library


90_LUMOSITY @ 5 times/ week_0/ 52_Ongoing_UPDATED

91_Write in Aaron's JOURNAL_0/ 52_Ongoing_UPDATED

92_HOUSE Schedule_0/ 52_Ongoing_UPDATED

93_YARD Schedule_0/ 52_Ongoing_UPDATED

94_MENU_0/ 52_Ongoing_UPDATED

95_Paper TASKS List_0/ 52_Ongoing_UPDATED


96_Month End_HOUSE_0/ 12_Ongoing_UPDATED


97_POST UPDATE_0/ 12_Ongoing_UPDATED

98_POST 2 ARTICLES__0/ 12_Ongoing_UPDATED

POST 2 YOUTUBE vids_0/ 12_Ongoing_UPDATED

POST 4 NASA photos/ vids/ articles__0/ 12_Ongoing_UPDATED




100_FREERice_0/ 100,000_Ongoing_UPDATED

101_Compile Mission101 Task List for 2019

And so on and so on

A bit of December 2017
icon science_astronomy
Firstly, I want to thank...thank...thank film102 for once again, this now makes the third, or is it the fourth, year in a row, for sending me the Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar!! Oh man, do I have such fun with this. The screen cap below shows about one third of the scene. Plus it doesn't even do the scene's 3D-ness any justice.
          Every day has something to do or view, games to play or short little vids celebrating some holiday tradition. I made puzzles, matched delicious bits of candy, colored in a gingerbread house, decorated a tree and a snowman and a stocking. And created snowflakes. plus so much more.
          I so look forward to this each year. It's become to mean to me the beginning of Christmas. Thank you again, Lyn, so very much!!

And then there was the Christmas Party at Susan's which was most excellent as usual. There was food and drink and the Gift Exchange! Lovely friends. Terrific memories :)

In back are me, Cindy, Elizabeth and Susan
Front are Jeannine and Barbara.

The rule of the gift exchange is simple: no more than $8 each And a toast of many colors.
Thus ends 2017 for me except for one last post, that being how my mission101 turned out.
Next time!!

The Year of New Species
icon holiday_christmas
This has been, in so many ways, a shit year, one of seemingly constant disappointment in people, in what they do, in what they believe they should be able or allowed to do, just in anything trumpian at all.
          Still, many continue to explore and create and amaze. So, on that note, please take a look at just a few, of the possibly 1 to 2 million undiscovered species of the animal, plant, sea creature & flowers, that were discovered in 2017.

To explore, follow this link to Atlas Obscura



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