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Beauty of Nature

Master Post

Queer As Folk

  • A Time From Now_Post513

When Queer As Folk ended, like many, I was unsatisfied with that ending so, I began a journey that became this fanfic, which continues the story of most of the main characters while also introducing several new ones. There is also an underlying narrative provided by the Editors of The Brian Kinney Operating Manual that Michael was always so fond of quoting to Justin. This fanfic spans nearly sixty years and in that time people die, but before they do, a lot of living happens and in almost every case, those lives are lived to the fullest of my capabilities. From Daphne to Ted, from Jennifer to Carl, everyone has the life I would have wished for them including Brian and Justin.

Short Stories
Christmas Stories

An Adam Lambert & Tommy Joe Ratliff send-up, based-on, whatever. Names have been changed.
Below, Every Second Wednesday is based on the same two characters combined with my Alden characters.

  • Even Those Rules Given Down by the Gods_Re-Edit 2018
    During the 2010 tour, Jonny deals with his frustrations in the only way he knows how, by not talking to Evan, by not talking to anyone, by taking matters into his own hands. Thereby making the situation so very more messy.

Original Stories

Updating the mission #9_April 2018

While the weather is still reasonable, work commenced on: Project_BACKYARD_29 through 31.

And I have photos to prove it :)
Up until last week, our backyard lay, if not in ruin, then in sadness as can be seen by the below photo with Aaron in the foreground and Orlando and Alfredo, our contractors, in the background. So, David made a plan as can also be seen below wherein, the fence that can be sen in the first photo is onthe left-hand side of the plan.

Next photo is our indecision about how to do the walkway curve. Alfredo was so patient with us as Aaron and I, obviously, kept moving that one truly important line this way and that until we finally got it right and the bender board was installed. Next, we picked out and had delivered the stone, the tan bark, the concrete sand (for under the stone) and the peagravel.

Next is all the bender board installed so the outline finally shows. The black paper-ish stuff is weed blocker we had installed several years ago and which did its job in that this backyard was once full of weeds and now isn't. Unlike the rest of the yards, front, court, curb, and side, which, after last year's rains rains rains, all grow weeds profusely. We reinstalled new paper-ish stuff so its good work will continue on into the future. Below left, Orlando and Alfredo have installed the sand. Then the rocks. Then the pea gravel and tan bark.

And now, at least, a good foundation has been installed. Next PLANTS! And pretty POTS! And trellises! And! And! And!

YAY!! Except, seriously, we have only just begun :)

The Friday Five

1) Has the weather where you are finally started acting like spring is here?
It's 1pm and 69 outside, although it rained a couple of nights ago so, spring-like, I'd say

2) Do you have any special spring activities or outings planned?
No we do not

3) Have you started wearing different clothing appropriate to spring?
No I have not.

4) What signs of spring are manifesting around you?
Where I live, only the amount of rain indicates a change of season, some in winter and spring, very very little in summer and autumn with no snow ever. Now and then, it gets foggy. Once in a while, it's windy. Flowers bloom and birds sing year-round, if only more so during spring, and many trees are evergreen, palms, Monterey junipers, furs so, only a few display flowers or spring green. For some reason, to me, autumn stands out more especially with the trees.

5) Are there special foods you enjoy preparing and/or eating in the spring?
Farmers from the valley bring local produce to our stores and farmer's markets year-round so, the only thing I can really only get in spring are those little tangerines that peel so easily. I could get them year-round but not organic so, limited to spring. Soups get lighter. No more stews. That's about it :)

On his way home...

...whilst bike riding, Aaron decided to explore.He ventured down a path that skirts our Guadalupe Parkway, a river park that runs through San Jose that was designed by the US Army Corps of Engineers as a flood control project starting back in the 1960's.

It runs through downtown, by the Children's Museum and the Performing Arts Center, and is more city-like, wide and controlled like this first photo I snagged off the internet or the second I took a while back that's right next to the.

Out here, though, in the suburbs in runs a bit more wild like these three photos of Aaron's which are actually the whole point of this post :) He took many many and I asked for the three, one selfie and two more he liked best.

Pretty California :)
It gratifies me that a number of my friend's list friends comment that they like these, generally, weekly doses of, mainly, Hubble amazingness. Encourages me to carry on posting them. Also, please note that NASA is link crazy, many of which, because they are so text-heavy, I remove leaving behind only those I believe to be the most informative or pretty or funny or cute :)

NGC 6960: The Witch's Broom Nebula_Image Credit & Copyright: Martin Pugh (Heaven's Mirror Observatory)
Explanation: Ten thousand years ago, before the dawn of recorded human history, a new light would have suddenly have appeared in the night sky and faded after a few weeks. Today we know this light was from a supernova, or exploding star, and record the expanding debris cloud as the Veil Nebula, a supernova remnant. This sharp telescopic view is centered on a western segment of the Veil Nebula cataloged as NGC 6960 but less formally known as the Witch's Broom Nebula. Blasted out in the cataclysmic explosion, the interstellar shock wave plows through space sweeping up and exciting interstellar material. Imaged with narrow band filters, the glowing filaments are like long ripples in a sheet seen almost edge on, remarkably well separated into atomic hydrogen (red) and oxygen (blue-green) gas. The complete supernova remnant lies about 1400 light-years away towards the constellation Cygnus. This Witch's Broom actually spans about 35 light-years. The bright star in the frame is 52 Cygni, visible with the unaided eye from a dark location but unrelated to the ancient supernova remnant.


Updating the mission #9_March 2018

Update-wise, I've got nothing for March. I completed a single task, one about finding a mantra which I have. Memorizing it which I have. And using it which I have been sort of, kind of. Still and all, I'm counting #35 as done.

So mainly this is a photo post, a sad one for me, about the dying of a tree, my beautiful courtyard flowering plum. It's demise began with the dying of a branch a couple of years ago which led to the dying of several branches last year which lead in this sadness this year.

First photo is what it should have looked like a couple of weeks ago.
           Second is what it looked like the day we had it removed.

The third photo is what we should have, a lovely leafed-out plum.
          The fourth photo is what we do have, emptiness. BTW the plant in the first photo is now taller than me! It was the stress of the drought, that brought some kind of boring bug, which did it in. Problem is, the bug attacks all trees, except some citrus, so time was of the essence before the problem spread. I'll update this later when something new, and smaller, has been planted :)

On a happier note, Aaron delighted because we are cooking up his Grandma Lucy's fat little corn fritters which we eat with chili :)


Astronomy Picture of the Day!

Astonishing to realize, sobering to remember, that each and every bright dot is a galaxy!

NGC 247 and Friends
Image Credit & Copyright: CHART32 Team, Processing_Johannes Schedler

Explanation: About 70,000 light-years across, NGC 247 is a spiral galaxy smaller than our Milky Way. Measured to be only 11 million light-years distant it is nearby though. Tilted nearly edge-on as seen from our perspective, it dominates this telescopic field of view toward the southern constellation Cetus. The pronounced void on one side of the galaxy's disk recalls for some its popular name, the Needle's Eye galaxy. Many background galaxies are visible in this sharp galaxy portrait, including the remarkable string of four galaxies just below and left of NGC 247 known as Burbidge's Chain. Burbidge's Chain galaxies are about 300 million light-years distant. The deep image even reveals that the two leftmost galaxies in the chain are apparently interacting, joined by a faint bridge of material. NGC 247 itself is part of the Sculptor Group of galaxies along with the shiny spiral NGC 253.



Friday Five

1. What is the most important lesson you have learned from your love life?
It's variable and, for me, has required a flexible approach, the balance between being the oak and standing my ground, and being the willow and giving in. Give in too much and I'll lose myself, stand my ground too much and I'll lose my relationship. The most important lesson for me has been realizing the need for middle ground, for compromise.

2. When it comes to love, are you an optimist or a cynic?
In the main, a cynic. In my heart of heart of hearts maybe I'm more optimistic but, real life has taught me that a cautious,more cynical approach keeps expectations more reasonable.

3. You see a long lost ex walking down the street. Are you more likely to approach him/her or just keep walking?
Depends on which ex but more likely than not, I'd approach

4. Do you believe in the idea of a soul mate?
I did when I was much younger but now, not so much. Too fatalistic. Too starry-eyed.

5. Care to share any relationship stories?
My now husband and I met in Art School, Painting 101, 48 years ago and for 15 years, we dated each other and we dated other people, both of us realizing that we needed time to grow, eventually also realizing that despite all the twists and turns, we always ended up coming back to each other. Then on that most happy day in 1987, David said the words I'd been longing to hear --yeah, I guess you're right, I guess we should get married-- and we did much to the surprise of our friends and family  And, unlike most of our friends, we haven't divorced, we remain together, and our life is full to brimming with not just our history but with our future. Despite the fact that now and then, we want to kill each other in disturbing literal ways, we continue to plan for tomorrow. He retires this year, what a freaking challenge that is going to be but we'll probably be just fine. Only time will tell.


I love these!!

Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth
          _Albert Einstein, physicist_Nobel laureate_1879-1955

AND naturally
NASA.jpg's Flying Over the Earth at Night II_1 min & 20 secs of such amazingness!
APOD Videos

Video Credit: NASA, Gateway to Astronaut Photography


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