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My heart just aches...poor thing
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From the Daily Beast

No Buyers for Palin's Speeches
(Click on for the Beast)

If need be, she could always downgrade to the bar mitzvah circuit: The New York Post reports that the Washington Speakers Bureau—which also represents George W. Bush, Laura Bush, and Condoleezza Rice—is having a hard time convincing potential clients to book Sarah Palin for $100,000 a pop. One industry expert tells the Post: "The big lecture buyers in the U.S. are paralyzed with fear about booking her, basically because they think she is a blithering idiot." Palin is believed to have quit her job as governor of Alaska early, in part, to earn more money. According to the source, many big lecture circuits are subscription series, and bookers are afraid of ticking off subscribers by putting her on the roster.

Read it at New York Post

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Hey, I'm aching right along with you. FanSee

g, seeing her fail will make my day, everyday. i can't even put into writing what i hope for this asshole's future. she's ignorant, a quitter, and a fake. when will people wake up? sounds like many have!

thanks for this post...'blithering idiot' makes my day!!


'when will people wake up? sounds like many have!'
Exactly !!! Hopefully !!! I so hope so and yeah, it was the blithering idiot that inspired my posting this.

"blithering idiot" sums her up rather nicely.

I completely agree.

Who is it in your icon?

And I have another question for you. Were you to read several philosophers next year, who would you include? I've come up with, so far, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Jean-Paul Sarte, Bertrand Russell and possibly Soren Kierkegaard. You strike me as knowing about such things. could you recommend anyone?

Quick aside, I'm NOT religious, hence the maybe on Kierkegaard, so...just saying.

haha, i totally understand. i've wanted to read kierkegaard for a while since he's the basis of much modern philosophy.

I guess I'm going to try, dig the philosophy out of the theology.

Camus, I knew I should know.

it's albert camus.

wittgenstein, sartre, and russell all sound good. nietzsche is really fascinating with his concept of god being dead. simone de beauvoir was essentially sartre's partner and she offers a more feminine view of sartre's existentialism, i guess you could say.

Thank you!!! One or two more and I should be set.

you are most welcome. i should add something about reading some philosophers to my mission101 list. i've always been meaning to read more philosophy.

I just put that I'm to read one non-fiction book per month. This year is books about writing, fiction or poetry. Next year will be philosophers. I'm still deciding about 2011.

It may be evil, but this made me smile so broadly. :D

no evil involved, just common sense. Glad to make you smile.

I feel bad for her. Unemployed grandmom and all that. Maybe she could give talks in Russia. Putin likes to keep an eye on her I understand.

Or...she could get work as Tina Fey's stand-in!

'Or...she could get work as Tina Fey's stand-in!'

Okay, that made me snort...very funny

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