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From the HRC_Human Rights Campaign
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One Step Closer

This happened Yesterday but I'm leaving the HRC's message as they have it written.

'Today, hate crimes legislation moved one step closer to becoming law when the U.S. Senate passed the Defense Authorization Conference Report which included the Hate Crimes Provision. Now, this legislation moves to President's desk for signature. This vote was the 14th and final time there has been a floor vote on this historic legislation.'

'Share your thoughts about this journey, send a message to the Shepard and Byrd families for their commitment to this legislation or watch videos documentation of this effort.'

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I'm so glad you posted on this. I was going to but after I sent my letter to the families, I got hit with something else last night and never did get back on the computer. I am very pleased that this Bill was finally passed--sad that it is that we need it.


I'm just glad you did send letters to them and you are right, it is a sad statement that we actually need such a bill.

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