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Ninth Month Posting_mission101

April 1, 2009 - December 31, 2011

One Task added & Completed
Personal/ LJ
19. Create flickr set to include pics & artwork from each artist I’ve studied
     One Set including: Pollock, Rothko, de Kooning, Cornell, Motherwell_Stills_Louis
     I didn't include Rauschenberg or Johns because they have their very own set @ flickr
with many photographs of them as well as of their artworks

Second Task Completed
Personal/ LJ
16. Reorganize recipes, input into computer: This just may work for me...seriously
     this is basically done. I went through all my cookbooks, getting rid of (Goodwilling,) those that were no longer useful, and organizing all my clipped, xeroxed, and otherwised recipes into folders contained within a larger file folder

Partial list of tasks in Progress

1. 09_Study Abstract Expressionism
Anatole Broyard's Kafka was the Rage
A charming memoir about one man’s life well-lived in Greenwich Village beginning in the mid 1940’s and onwards. The book was put aside, and ultimately never finished, when the author became ill and chose, instead, to write about his illness in a book published after his death titled ‘Intoxicated By My Illness.’ Mr. Broyard was a book critic and editor for The New York Times and finished or not, I enjoyed his memoir very much

2. 09_Study of Johns & Rauschenberg
Brandon W. Joseph's Random Order: Robert Rauschenberg and the Neo-Avant-Garde
This is an October Book published by MIT Press and while not quite as incomprehensible to me as the other October Book I read, they both read as a thesis and are  WAY to in-depth for me. Maybe that the 420 page book had 140 pages of notes should have clued me in. I learned a lot but I doubt I’ll read much more of this type of analysis
Scott Rothkopf's Jasper Johns Catenary steidl mm publishers Suspended Animation
This book is a study of Johns’s series generally thought of as the “Catenaries’ which is the slope or sway of the string when anchored at two points which nearly all the paintings and prints contain whether two or three-dimensionally. To me, these are some of the most elegant works ever done and reading Mr. Rothkopf’s discussion of their origin and place within Mr. Johns’s oeuvre was a wonderful read

5. Read one additional fic/ non-fic book per month
Jim Schumock’s Story Story Story: Conversations with American Authors
A collection of nine of Mr. Schumock’s interviews with writers ranging from Jim Grimsley to Tobias Wolf to William Styron done for KBOO’s radio program ‘Between The Covers’ over a period of 7 years. I love reading about authors telling their stories and this books allowed me in indulge in what I love. Very well done

6. Read poetry
Love Speaks Its Name: gay and lesbian love poems: an Everyman’s Library Pocket Poets book
Is what it is, quality poems from across the ages about love and loss. Divided into the sections: Longing, Loving, Ecstasy, Looking, Anxiety, Aftermath

9. Read books about writing or poetry
Stephen Fry’s The Ode Less Travelled
Mr. Fry believes, rightly I’m sure, that in order to read or write any kind of poetry well, including free verse, the reader or poet should be well-grounded in the fundamentals of form, meter, rhyme etc. plus know a little of the history of the evolution of poetry and his book does all of that plus is written with the sense of humor you’d expect from him. Each section ends with a poetry writing exercise that I gave up trying to do about halfway through the book for fear I‘d never get done. I have every intention of completing them one day very soon. I learned a great deal but most importantly that I don’t think I really want to write poetry as much as have a better understanding of the poems I read

To other tasks completed or failed
To other books
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